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A few Christmas thoughts

Is the thought of all that food over Christmas stressing you out?

You may have been really careful with your food intake during the year, but the temRoasted duck with fruits for Christmasptation of all the yummy foods around over the Christmas period is great!! A few things to remember when these decisions come your way:

  • Christmas is a festive time, so enjoy… indulge yourself a little – you know you can afford to, and that your usual diet is healthy.
  • When choosing foods to purchase for the festive period, go for the real food options – for example, make up a simple dip and some vegie sticks to add to your cheese platter. Give friends the option of vegies, rather than crackers and breadsticks for dipping.
  • Try to go past the packaged foods – even though it is a very busy time of year, it is often nice to take a bit of time out and cook or prepare something special for your family and guests. Think home-made mince pies, shortbread, or a delicious summer pudding for dessert.
  • Have lots of fresh fruit as part of your dessert banquet – cherries are festive and summery, as are watermelon and stone fruit wedges.
  • Have jugs of cold water on offer, perhaps with ice and lemon or lime slices and mint leaves, so alcoholic drinks can be alternated with something refreshing and light
  • Even if time is short for exercising, a walk around the block with friends after a meal is a great way to stretch the legs and socialize at the same time!

Most of all, have a great festive season – enjoy your food and stay safe!!  In the new year, Spice of Life will continue looking at fresh and yummy ways with foods to keep you healthy and happy.

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