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camp cooking tastes better with fresh herbs like these

A happy camper

I have had the pleasure of camping next door to a very keen cook, each year for the last several years.  I have looked on in awe of his outdoor kitchen, with all it’s equipment, his herb garden and … And smelled delicious aromas of cooking food each evening. Phil and his wife Anne, set […]

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Roasted duck with fruits for Christmas

A few Christmas thoughts

Is the thought of all that food over Christmas stressing you out? You may have been really careful with your food intake during the year, but the temptation of all the yummy foods around over the Christmas period is great!! A few things to remember when these decisions come your way: Christmas is a festive […]

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coconut oil with coconut

Coconut oil – what’s the go?

Up until very recently, coconut oil has had very bad press, mainly due to the fact that it is made up of mostly saturated fats.  To gain the benefits of coconut oil, however, you would need to use virgin, or cold pressed coconut oil, not the highly processed kinds which alter the chemical composition of […]

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chia seed pudding with berries in glass jar

Almond maple chia porridge

A tasty, healthy and filling way to start your day.  Take two minutes the evening before to put it together, pop it in the fridge and wake up to a ready- made breakfast.  Experiment with different seasonal fruits – you can also add seeds and nuts to vary the taste and texture. Ingredients 4 Tablespoons […]

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