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Fresh vs frozen

Fresh vs frozen – which is best? Australians are notoriously poor vegie and fruit eaters, coming no- where near the recommended target of five veg and two fruit each day. How can we increase our intake? Part of the problem is that fruit and vegetables, when they are fresh, have a pretty short shelf life.  […]

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Smart swaps

One of the most difficult things about sticking to a reduced carbohydrate diet is knowing what sides to have to accompany your protein. One (simple and super healthy) solution is to just have loads of vegetables with every meal. However, that gets a bit monotonous , so here are nine creative ideas that will help you […]

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Eat up your healthy fats and protein

If you are reducing the amount of carbs you are eating (even if moderately), you need to replace the carbs with healthy fats and good quality protein. Fat’s bad reputation In days gone past, people thought that a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet was the healthiest option.  Fats were seen as “unhealthy”, so the best thing to […]

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The problem with sugar

Many people believe that they are not consuming a lot of sugar because they don’t add it to their food. However, a vast proportion of the sugar we consume is hidden in processed and packaged foods. Some content on the Spice of Life website is only available to members.  Book a consultation today Find out […]

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Eating out lower-carb style

You can still enjoy eating out when you are reducing your carbs.  There are so many options available these days, you will not have a problem finding many delicious lower carb meals.  Below are just a few ideas. Some content on the Spice of Life website is only available to members.  Book a consultation today […]

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Spices from Vietnam

Tales of Vietnam

I was fortunate enough to spend 10 days in Vietnam during my last holidays – what a buzz!! Of course one of the many attractions was the food, Vietnamese being one of my favourite cuisines. Eating out seems to be so much a part of life,( as shown in the picture of the “nightlife in […]

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49871539 - woman eating healthy snack of almonds

Are you concerned about your cholesterol levels?

Doctors recommend that we aim for a total cholesterol intake of less than 5.5m mol/L. You can find out your cholesterol with a fasting blood test. Some doctors will prescribe medication, however you can improve the ratio of your “good” HDL versus “bad” LDL cholesterol through diet and lifestyle changes. Some foods have been clinically proven to lower […]

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Chia and fruit for breakfast

Chia – superfood or superfad?

3 interesting facts about chia Chia seeds come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family. Along with quinoa and amaranth, chia has also been classed as a pseudocereal – a non-grass plant whose seed can be ground into flour and otherwise used as cereal. Now one of the world’s biggest […]

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