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Get back on track in 2019

We’ve finished our season of making merry, and now, if you are anything like me, you feel that it may be time to start “reining yourself in” a bit! Even though I try to be mindful, I eat and drink a little more during the “festive season”. One interesting observation is that as soon I […]

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Weight loss - Three people eating healthy food and laughing

Time to lose some weight?

So, winter is nearing an end and you’ve decided that the time has come to lose some weight. Are you going to go it alone, or share your journey? Research suggests that enlisting the support of others makes it easier to achieve your goals. Enrolling in a weight loss program will help you to succeed. […]

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woman with guilty look eating from open fridge with plate of goodies in hand

Break the cycle of overeating

Eating habits can be hard to break – we have usually practiced the habits over a long time and our brains have forged well-trodden neural pathways! Simple behavioural changes can really help break down the habits and help when the temptation to overeat arises. In this post I share some changes you might like to […]

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young woman holds iced doughnuts up like spectacles

How to defeat sugar cravings

Train your brain to stop sugar cravings Research shows that around 70% of foods purchased in the supermarket contain added sugar – a frightening statistic. No wonder we are all slightly addicted to sugar! For many people, if food does not contain some sugar it tastes bland and unpalatable. The news is good, though – […]

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woman on Pilates reformer

Cherie on pilates and healthy living

Healthy eating is one part of the big picture of a balanced lifestyle. Exercise plays an important role and pilates is an example of a terrific activity which strengthens, focusses you and maximizes your flexibility. Cherie runs a pilates studio in the town where I live and I interviewed her to find out about the […]

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