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camp cooking tastes better with fresh herbs like these

A happy camper

I have had the pleasure of camping next door to a very keen cook, each year for the last several ...
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woman hesitating as she chooses fruit over chocolate cake

Making a new year’s resolution? Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Resolutions relating to losing weight, or changing your eating habits, are amongst the most popular. According to Dr Avya Sharma ...
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Roasted duck with fruits for Christmas

A few Christmas thoughts

Is the thought of all that food over Christmas stressing you out? You may have been really careful with your ...
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woman on Pilates reformer

Cherie on pilates and healthy living

Healthy eating is one part of the big picture of a balanced lifestyle. Exercise plays an important role and pilates ...
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fresh, healthy food in a refrigerator

Full fridge, empty pantry

A lot of foods in your pantry are full of sugar and salt laden and nutrient poor. It’s time to ...
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coconut oil with coconut

Coconut oil – what’s the go?

Up until very recently, coconut oil has had very bad press, mainly due to the fact that it is made ...
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Oh how I thought I disliked kale!

Discover the joys of kale chips! Oh how I thought I disliked kale – its rubbery, green leaves and slightly ...
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