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woman on Pilates reformer

Cherie on pilates and healthy living

Healthy eating is one part of the big picture of a balanced lifestyle. Exercise plays an important role and pilates is an example of a terrific activity which strengthens, focusses you and maximizes your flexibility. Cherie runs a pilates studio in the town where I live and I interviewed her to find out about the […]

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fresh, healthy food in a refrigerator

Full fridge, empty pantry

A lot of foods in your pantry are full of sugar and salt laden and nutrient poor. It’s time to get rid of all this stuff. The best way to start (or continue) embracing a whole-food lifestyle, is to give your kitchen a good cleanout.  When things are organized, you can lay your hands on […]

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coconut oil with coconut

Coconut oil – what’s the go?

Up until very recently, coconut oil has had very bad press, mainly due to the fact that it is made up of mostly saturated fats.  To gain the benefits of coconut oil, however, you would need to use virgin, or cold pressed coconut oil, not the highly processed kinds which alter the chemical composition of […]

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chia seed pudding with berries in glass jar

Almond maple chia porridge

A tasty, healthy and filling way to start your day.  Take two minutes the evening before to put it together, pop it in the fridge and wake up to a ready- made breakfast.  Experiment with different seasonal fruits – you can also add seeds and nuts to vary the taste and texture. Ingredients 4 Tablespoons […]

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Oh how I thought I disliked kale!

Discover the joys of kale chips! Oh how I thought I disliked kale – its rubbery, green leaves and slightly bitter taste … until I discovered the joys of kale chips! The way they sort of dissolve on your tongue after an initial crunchiness.  You could go on eating them – and on and on.  […]

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Vegetarian omelette

Serves: 1 Hands-on time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Gluten free / Diabetes friendly Ingredients 2 teaspoons organic butter ¼ small red onion, diced (opt) ½ small red capsicum, chopped ¼ small green capsicum, chopped 3 button mushrooms, sliced Large handful baby spinach or kale leaves, shredded ½ small tomato, diced 2 eggs 2 […]

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