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A happy camper

I have had the pleasure of camping next door to a very keen cook, each year for the last several years.  I have looked on in awe of his outdoor kitchen, with all it’s equipment, his herb garden and … And smelled delicious aromas of cooking food each evening.

Phil and his wife Anne, set up their camper van “Scrumptious” each year, put their kitchen together and the fun begins!  I interviewed Phil to find out how he goes about “cooking on the move”.

Phil the happy camper outside his campervan, sharpening knives

Andy: What is it that you love about camp cooking?

Phil: I have always found that cooking is a great way to unwind and when I was working, it relieved the stress.  When I retired, I went on to do a certificate in commercial cookery, which has held me in good stead ever since.

Andy: Please describe your camping setup – your kitchen and all things related!
(at this stage I was given the grand tour of the outdoor kitchen – very impressive!)


  • Webber Que
  • High intensity 2 burner gas hotplate – on own designed stainless steel table on wheels
  • Home-made camp oven
  • Electric pizza oven
  • 2 coffee machines – inside the van
  • A cryovac machine with bags
  • 190L fridge 40L freezer
  • Inside bus – oven and grill
  • Set of 8 knives and a Lanskey knife sharpener

Andy: I see you have a herb garden outside your caravan – what sort of herbs do you grow?  How do you transport them here?

Phil: I have sage, basil, parsley and chives.  I pull them out of my garden, put them in pots and they come down in Scrumptious

Andy: Can you describe what sort of dishes you tend to make out here?   What are some of your favourites?

Phil: Beef, chicken curries Thai and Indian with lots of chillies, lamb souvlakis with yoghurt sauce and salad, lots of slow cooked meats and braises in the camp oven.  In years gone by when we could get abalone off the rocks I would quickly stir fry thin slices in garlic, onion and ginger.

Andy: Do you cook and eat differently here than you do at home?

Phil: Much the same really, except here we tend to eat cheese and biscuits with a glass or two of wine before dinner, watching the sunset!!


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