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Coconut oil – what’s the go?

Up until very recently, coconut oil has had very bad press, mainly due to the fact that it is made up of mostly saturated fats.  To gain the benefits of coconut oil, however, you would need to use virgin, or cold pressed coconut oil, not the highly processed kinds which alter the chemical composition of the oil.

To coconut?

  • It is said by some that it contains a type medium chain fatty acids which are said to increase your HDLs which are the healthy parts of cholesterol and a preventative against heart disease
  • It has a high smoke point so that means foods can be cooked at a high temperature and the structure of the oil won’t change.

Or not to coconut?

  • Coconut contains a lot of saturated fats (up to 90%)
  • It may flavor foods with the coconut taste that you don’t want
  • Use sparingly as it is high in kJ and fat
  • Other experts say that it will increase your LDLs as well as your HDLs – not good on the heart disease front
  • It seems that there is not enough evidence, and that not enough studies have been done to come to any solid conclusions about the healthiness of coconut oil



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