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How to defeat sugar cravings

Train your brain to stop sugar cravings

Research shows that around 70% of foods purchased in the supermarket contain added sugar – a frightening statistic. No wonder we are all slightly addicted to sugar! For many people, if food does not contain some sugar it tastes bland and unpalatable. The news is good, though – you can retrain your brain to stop the cravings. Here are three ways to start that process.

young woman holds iced doughnuts up like spectacles

Crowding helps you focus

Sydney based dietician Lyndi Cohen recommends “crowding”. This involves telling yourself that you “want to snack on fruit” rather than “I can’t eat lollies”. Focus on the positive and increase your intake of healthy foods – this way you start to “crowd out” sugary foods and reduce your sugar cravings.

Treats should be just that

Keep sugary treats out of reach. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it! However, if you can’t just reach for a chocolate or lolly, the process becomes more difficult. Remove treats from your home and buy them only for that special occasion, rather than having them on hand, “just in case”.

Wait one hour

Try the one-hour technique. We often go for the sweet treat out of habit, rather than need. If you feel like something sweet, give yourself permission, but wait one hour until you can have it. If you still feel like the treat, go for it, but most likely you will have forgotten all about it by then!

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