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Full fridge, empty pantry

A lot of foods in your pantry are full of sugar and salt laden and nutrient poor. It’s time to get rid of all this stuff.

The best way to start (or continue) embracing a whole-food lifestyle, is to give your kitchen a good cleanout.  When things are organized, you can lay your hands on what you need in an instant, and don’t waste time fossicking and rummaging!  The motto “Full fridge, empty pantry” is a good motto and let’s see why:

A lot of foods in your pantry, you will realise, are packaged foods, full of poor carbohydrates, sugar and salt laden and nutrient poor.  It’s time to get rid of all this stuff – I mean throw away and clear out of the house altogether!!  You will need some things in your pantry, but really only a few.  Your fridge – all the fresh foods are what count.  Read on...

fresh, healthy food in a refrigerator

Fridge essentials

  • Vegetables of all colours
  • Dairy products – natural cheese, milk, yoghurt, organic butter, sour cream
  • Meat and other proteins such as fish, eggs
  • Condiments – home made mayonnaise, aioli, curry pastes, pesto, relish, mustard (the more home made, the better), vanilla paste

Freezer essentials

  • Mixed berries
  • Meat, fish, marinara mix,
  • Frozen veg
  • Home made meals, pastes and home made dinner bases
pantry with jars of spices and dried food

Pantry essentials

  • Herbs and spices
  • Canned foods such as salmon, tuna, sardines, tomatoes, coconut milk
  • Condiments a variety of oils such as olive, avocado, coconut, vinegars, sauces such as tabasco, Worcestershire, soy, oyster, tamari, stock
  • Nuts and seeds, legumes
  • Home- made or sugar free muesli, oats
  • Baking and treat items almond flour/meal, wholemeal/spelt flour, dark chocolate, baking soda/powder, Natvia if liked
  • Miscellaneous dessicated and shredded coconut, wheatgerm, freekah, brown rice, natural nut spreads, garlic, ginger

Root vegies onion, small amounts sweet potato, potato, beetroot, pumpkin, parsnip

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