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Get back on track in 2019

We’ve finished our season of making merry, and now, if you are anything like me, you feel that it may be time to start “reining yourself in” a bit!

Even though I try to be mindful, I eat and drink a little more during the “festive season”.

One interesting observation is that as soon I return to my normal routine, I actually begin to feel quite a bit better – hmmm, food for thought!

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What is the “Back on track” package?

With all this in mind, I have developed an online package called Back on Track.  The package is not designed for New Years’ resolutions only, but for any time that you feel you might like to make a change to the types and quantities of food you eat. Or even if you would like to explore the concept of “healthy eating” a bit more, this may provide you with some interesting ideas and perspectives.

Finding it hard to get motivated?

It is often hard to become or stay motivated when making a positive shift but this easy and commonsense program will help you make a lasting change. This is not a “quick fix”.  The package is a 12 week “guided tour” of introducing a healthier eating pattern into your life. Twelve weeks is enough for you to form a series of enjoyable new habits and carry them forward in your life.

What’s in the package?

  • A week by week plan of “things to do”
  • A set of carefully researched information sheets on a range of topics from the effects of processed foods on our wellbeing, to practical tips on how to reduce carbohydrates and sugar in your diet and much, much more
  • An easily downloadable 7 day menu plan with recipes and full shopping list
  • An offer for free short consultations/conversations via phone, messenger or in person to assist with your progress, or answer any questions you may have along the way.
  • Weekly emails with additional tips and ideas

I am quite excited about this package, as it pulls together all the aspects of good eating habits – my passion!  I hope this can help motivate and inspire you to get back on track!

Ready to find out more?

12 week program with information sheets, videos and discounts on consultations


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