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Time to lose some weight?

So, winter is nearing an end and you’ve decided that the time has come to lose some weight.

Are you going to go it alone, or share your journey?

Research suggests that enlisting the support of others makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Enrolling in a weight loss program will help you to succeed.

Weight loss - Three people eating healthy food and laughing

The importance of a network

Achieving your goals can be a whole lot easier if you tell your friends and family about your mission. Their support and encouragement will help more than you realise. Having people around you who are part of your journey also makes you more accountable.

While it is helpful to be working with the support of others you must take ownership of your own health and behaviours, to ensure long-term success.

What sort of network?

There are many forms of network you may consider, from online networks to organized weight loss groups and informal “friendship groups”.

Think about what kind of support suits you best, the time you have available and your life-style.

You may choose one friend who you think may be a great “walking buddy”, but another with whom you may plan and cook healthy meals.

Health professionals

A doctor will often recommend that you seek assistance from a health professional such as a dietician or psychologist, or a food coach, such as myself. Unbiased professional input helps you work towards your goals in a healthy and safe way.

The benefits of having a food coach

A food coach helps you by showing you how to tweak your diet so that your change becomes habitual, rather than just a “quick fix”. Many programs offer fast results. Changing your habits with help from a professional food coach is more likely to create long-lasting change. It is also a very flexible way of reaching your goals, as you are making the decisions with the advice, support and encouragement of your coach.

Practical ways a food coach can help

Food coaching is an ideal form of support, offering help with interpreting food labels, making good choices in the supermarket and how to cook and portion balanced meals. Food coaching also works well for small groups. If a few of your friends also want to achieve the same health and weight goals, why not engage a food coach to help you all at the same time?

Contact me, even if you just want to chat about options. This could be the start of an exciting new journey!

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