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12 Week ‘Back on Track’ program

If you have been feeling the need to rethink the way you eat, here is a great and completely “do-able” way to make that change.  This flexible 12 week plan is NOT a diet and does NOT use any weird and wonderful foods.  It is purely a healthy plan that uses real foods AND within a time frame that allows for and encourages habit and behavioural change.  There are no major changes or unachievable outcomes and all suggested foods are delicious, affordable and easy to prepare and cook.

Why you should try this eating plan

This plan is designed using all the latest research and helps you to:

  • Reduce carbs
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate sugar from your diet
  • Reduce processed foods in your diet
  • Replace processed foods with real foods (with all the benefits)
  • Incorporate healthy fats into your diet
  • Increase the amount of protein you eat to keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Increase your fibre intake for digestive and satiety benefits

Ready to find out more?

12 week program with information sheets, videos and discounts on consultations

Menu plan

As part of the 12 week back on track membership, you'll have access to a 7-day meal planner including recipes and a full week's shopping list.

$69 for 12 weeks