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Foodie nights in

Invite some friends round for a fun night at your place, learn or discuss latest nutritional trends, share ideas, watch a demo and do some tastings or host a cooking class and share the feast!

“Foodie nights in” details:

Presently run on Friday or Saturday nights 6 – 9pm, or depending on session chosen. Daytime weekend/school holiday sessions also a possibility.

Nutrition nights

  • Choose a topic, or a combination of topics from list below, or choose your own
  • An informal interactive presentation will be given on the topic/s chosen
  • Discussion and provision of information if requested
  • includes demonstrations related to the topic – with tastings

Pricing:  $25 per person (min 6)

Demo and tastings

  • Choose from the list of topics, or devise your own!
  • an interactive demo will be provided and you eat the food!
  • Lots of information sharing during and after demo

Pricing:  $35 - $50 per person, depending on menu chosen (min 6)

Cooking classes

  • Choose from the list of ideas, or come up with one of your own and host a cooking party!
  • cooking class will be run in your home, providing all the tuition, recipes, ingredients, extra gas burners and other equipment as needed
  • At the end, sit and enjoy the feast over a glass of wine (or two!)

Pricing:  $45 – 55 per person, depending on menu chosen 

Topics and themes

Nutrition nights

  • Want to cut back on the amount you eat without having to starve yourself
  • Gluten and dairy free eating – what’s it all about
  • Sugar – latest research
  • Low carb, healthy fats – for health
  • Paleo/vegetarian/vegan

Demo and tastings

Any of the topics from “nutrition nights”  (see above)


Finger foods from around the world

  • Watch, participate, chat, share ideas, taste, sip wine!!


  • Either nibbles and snacks, or a meal to be shared afterwards

Seasonal veg and fruit

  • Lots of different ways to use fruit and veg that are in season
  • Either nibbles and snacks or a meal to be shared afterwards

Feed the family

  • Fresh ideas to please you and the kids
  • Quick cooking for busy people

Cooking classes

International cuisines

  • Thai
  • Indian
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Moroccan
  • Mediterranean
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Middle Eastern


  • Gluten/wheat/dairy free
  • Vego/vegan/paleo
  • Lean and light


  • Feeding children/ teenagers
  • Cooking for busy people
  • Cooking for 1 or 2

Ready to find out more?

Talk to Andy about arranging a class or a Foodie Night In!