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If you want to change or even just tweak your eating habits, a consultation and follow up coaching provides huge benefits.

A consultation is a great way to get to know you – and this is what food coaching is all about... getting to know you, what sort of lifestyle you lead, your eating habits, your goals and aspirations and what you want to get out of food coaching.

The food coaching process starts with a consultation and continues from there


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The benefits of a food coach

Save time

It is difficult, after all, in this busy life, to find the time yourself, to analyse your own food habits, source nutrition plans, wade through all the often contradictory information and set your own program.  I keep up to date with what is going on in the world of food and nutrition to pass on to you.

Stay motivated

Even once you have promised yourself you are going to make some changes or start new habits, it can be very difficult to keep yourself motivated.  Food coaching keeps you motivated and on track by monitoring and reviewing, adjusting and adapting when necessary.

Food coaching helps you to succeed with your goals!

Set your own goals

I’ll be guiding you but after all, you are in charge of your own life – no one is going to tell you what to do!

Work at your own level

You may know a lot about diet and nutrition or nothing at all – we start with whatever your level or interest and work from there.

Why a consultation?

My approach is not 'one size fits all'.  Any programs, meal plans and goals suggested during a consultation, are customized just for you.

I won’t put on a “diet”

I won’t ask you to give up whole food groups

I won’t make you go to a bootcamp exercise class!!

Spice of Life food coaching is all about making healthy eating your lifestyle – something that stays with you forever.

No gimmicky processed foods and shakes, or crazy ingredients, just plain healthy eating using real foods that suit your likes and dislikes, the time you have available and your goals.

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What to expect from a consultation

What to expect from your first consultation

  • An analysis of your present food habits
  • Exploration of your own needs, personal likes and dislikes and lifestyle in relation to food
  • A discussion on your expectations and what you would like to achieve

What to expect from your follow up consultation

  • Your customized meal plan and recipes will be provided and explained
  • Guiding you towards developing some creative ideas and solutions to suit your situation
  • Guidelines for setting up your kitchen for your eating plan (if necessary)
  • A collaborative building of a basic exercise plan for you
  • The development of a timeline for you to measure your successes!

What to expect from subsequent, ongoing consultations

  • Continued support and “coaching” as you work towards your goals
  • Adjustment of meal plans/recipes depending on how you are going
  • Evaluating your new way of eating as a sustainable change for you
  • Celebration of successes!!

Where do we hold consultations?
I run consultations in your own home, in my home (private), by phone or online.

Ready to book your consultation?

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